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I love making custom wedding and engagement rings for clients on a case-by-case basis. If you are interested in a custom ring, please contact me with your budget and a description of what you are looking for.

I have posted a few photos of past custom rings - mostly in chronological order. I post new photos on my Sam Abbay website.

I have listed approximate costs for these rings for your convenience. Please be aware that there are different ways to make jewelry, and rings that look the same in a photo could be very different in price and feel. It is best to start with a budget range, then explore your options.

mokume gane wedding ring with solid gold inlay

Here is a silver and white gold mokume gane woodgrain pattern ring with two yellow gold stripes. There are 4 more stripes on this ring - two white and two red. A white gold liner adds a good heft to this 7mm men's wedding ring.

Rings like this will generally cost $3K - $5K.

Mokume Gane star pattern in silver red and white gold

This one is a star pattern in silver, white, and red gold with a red gold liner. This ring was later etched, but I am having difficulty getting good photos of etched rings, so I snapped this photo before it was finished.

Rings like this generally cost $3K-$4K.

Platinum wedding rings with gold liner

6mm platinum ring with 22k red gold liner. The red gold is not visible when the ring is worn. It is a nice alternative to a simple band.

Rings like this generally cost $2K - $3K.

yellow gold stacking rings

I love stacking rings as wedding rings, but occasionally, they are worn casually. This particular set I made with my girlfriend out of old earrings and pendants that she didn't want anymore.

Similar rings would cost a little over $1K.

white gold wire engagement ring

This same-sex couple already had an engagement ring. This white gold engagement ring was designed to complement the theme of the other engagement ring. This second ring was commissioned to celebrate New York's Marriage Equality Act.

Rings like this will cost $2.5K - $3.5K.

white gold and emerald engagement ring

This customer brought in a 6mm antique family diamond to be flush set and flanked by two emeralds. The top of the ring had to be rather thick to accommodate such large flush-set stones, resulting in a delightfully heavy ring.

Rings like this will cost around $3K plus stones.

sapphire engagement ring platinum wrap

A wire twists around this platinum sapphire engagement ring. Words don't do justice to how cool this ring looked during fabrication.

Rings like this will cost a little over $2K plus stones.

24k gold ingot ring

This is my gold ingot ring. While not exactly a wedding ring, it got so many compliments that I thought I should put it up. These can be made smaller - this one is 1oz.

I only charge $600 labor for these, so price has entirely to do with size and the gold markets.

Gold bullion wedding rings

Ever since the first bullion coin I saw, I was in love. I used to melt bullion coins rather than the gold and silver shot that is usually used. These seamless rings are forged from a 1oz. gold maple leaf and a 1oz. stillwater palladium coin. I can forge bullion rings from platinum, gold, or palladium.

These currently cost $1950 if you bring a bullion coin. If you like the hammered look and don't care about bullion, it will cost less.

palladium hammered wedding ring

This is a palladium hammered ring hand fabricated from traditional ring stock rather than bullion.

Rings like this cost $800 per pair + cost of materials.

Photo by Joshua Bright.

24k gold wedding ring

This is another hammered ring - this time in 24k yellow with rough edges.

Photo by Joshua Bright.

blue diamond engagement ring


This is a .36ct VS lab-created blue diamond in a platinum bezel setting.

Photo by Joshua Bright.

etched woodgrain mokume gane wedding ring

This is a random pattern silver and white gold mokume ring with rails. This ring was made without a liner for cost savings. A gold liner would add $1K.

Rings like this would cost $3K - $4K.

Photo by Joshua Bright.

mokume gane wedding ring yellow white gold

This is one of my favorite mokume gane patterns in silver, yellow, and white gold. The ring and rails are slightly rounded.

Rings like this would cost $3K - $4K.

Photo by Joshua Bright.

9mm Facet Ring

The facets in this ring are hand-hammered and the texture can be customized. It is difficult to see in this photo, but each triangle shows multiple hammer blows and reflects light accordingly. This is a 9mm version in palladium. The photo below is a variation.

Palladium 9mm rings will generally cost around $2K.

Photo by Joshua Bright.

palladium hammered ring

The facets in this ring are also hand-hammered, but you can generally see a flat surface on each facet. These can be made in all alloys and anywhere from 2-10mm, hence the price range varies greatly.

Palladium 6mm versions will probably cost under $2K.

mokume gane star wedding ring

A 6mm silver and white gold mokume star pattern men's wedding ring. We can control the number of stars in a custom wedding ring, although I will default to 3 stars if a specific number is not requested.

Similar rings would cost around $2K.

stacking colored diamond rings

These stacking rings were my girlfriend's Christmas gift in 2007. They are 18k gold with a white, chocolate, cognac, black, and green diamond.

Similar rings would probably cost $2K - $3K.

stacking platinum rings

I love stacking rings, so I make them often. These are platinum, 22k yellow, and 18k white gold.

Similar rings would probably cost $2.5K.

hammered 22k wedding ring

This is a 22k red gold mens ring - I think in 8mm. I apologize for the photo quality.

Similar rings would probably cost $2K - $3K.

mokume gane wedding ring - red, yellow, white gold

I made this 18K white, yellow, and red gold mokume gane band with 18k yellow liner for a Brides Magazine photoshoot. Sadly, the photos appeared only in the print magazine and not online. See my Press page for more info

This ring costs $4K - $5K.

semi-claddagh ring

This customer had requested a claddagh ring without a crown and more abstract hands, as well as silver and white gold mokume in the back.

This was so long ago, I don't remember the price.



This space intentionally left blank.

wave ring I found a few REALLY old photos of silver rings from my hobby days when I didn't have a real camera. Good memories...
claddagh ring My neighbor commissioned this claddagh ring for his girlfriend, which I made in exchange for 8 roasted chickens! That was a great party, hosted by Subterranean Cycles which sadly closed in late 2011.
braid ring

I made this ring for a girlfriend at the time, but LOST it at Burning Man before I could give it to her. I made her a replica. Or maybe this is the replica.

I hope you have enjoyed this little tour. If you are interested in custom wedding rings , please contact me via my Sam Abbay website.

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